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Poland coach Brenček said at a press conference that Drongowski will start his game in the friendly match against Finland on Wednesday. The 23-year-old Fiorentina goalkeeper is preparing to make his debut in the Polish national team.


Drongowski accepted an interview with the official media of the Polish national team, talked about the feeling of the upcoming national team debut, and talked about his mental journey in Florence over the years.


you could say so. This is a fact. I was called up by Brenček during the UEFA Europa League against Portugal and Italy, but it was October 2018. Two years are a long time for my life and football. In these two games, I sat on the bench. I did not play in the games against the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina in September this year, and now I am still waiting for my debut. However, I will not say that I am very new to this team because I have played with many boys in the youth team. I met several other people in the club game. It is a great honor for me to be selected for the national team. It is an honor to be able to work with these employees and players in this team. The possibility of training with the best players in Poland means a lot to me.


Indeed, our goalkeeper is world-class. The coach will definitely have a headache when it comes to choosing who. Everyone knows and appreciates Szczesny, Fabianski, Skrupski and me, but we also have a lot of reserves in Poland U21. As goalkeepers, we have a lot of potential and I realize how difficult it is to keep goal in the national team. This is why I am so happy that I am one of the four goalkeepers selected. This is a good lesson for me. I did play against Szczesny and Skorupski in Serie A, but I don't have the opportunity to watch them train every day.


Everyone has an idea about their profession. Things will not always be what we think, but you must believe in yourself and keep fighting. In my first season in Florence, I did not expect a miracle. I just want to see how foreign clubs work, how they train in Italy, and what a great Serie A looks like from the inside. I know I need some time to accept the new reality and adapt to it. Of course, I hope to play a game. I should have participated in the Coppa Italia, but I was absent due to injury. I knew I had to work hard and wait for the opportunity, but when there was no chance to play at the Frankie Stadium in the second and third seasons, frustration and impatience began to appear. My motivation is declining, and I have no desire for anything. Yes, now I know it shouldn't be that way. I should have more motivation, patience and willingness to prove everyone is wrong. However, I didn't know how to react at the time. In this situation I am looking for a way out, I am considering returning to the Jagiellonian club in Poland. Then I don't care where I end, I only care about starting the game. However, it is not easy to find a club to bet on yourself when you have not played for so long.

每个人都有关于他们职业的想法。事情不会总是我们所想的,但您必须相信自己并保持战斗。在佛罗伦萨的第一个赛季,我没想到会有奇迹。我只想看看外国俱乐部的运作方式,他们在意大利的培训方式以及从内部看意甲出色的表现。我知道我需要一些时间来接受新现实并适应新现实。当然,我希望玩游戏。我本该参加意大利杯大赛,但因受伤缺席。我知道我必须努力工作并等待机会,但是当第二和第三赛季没有机会在弗兰基体育场(Frankie Stadium)踢球时,沮丧和不耐烦开始出现。我的动力正在下降,我什么也不想。是的,现在我知道不应该这样。我应该有更多的动力,耐心和愿意证明每个人都是错误的。但是,当时我不知道该如何反应。在这种情况下,我正在寻找出路,正在考虑重返波兰的Jagiellonian俱乐部。然后我不在乎结束的地方,我只在乎开始游戏。但是,如果您已经玩了很长时间,那么要找到一个俱乐部来赌自己并不容易。

definitely. Most of the time I told me that I must be patient. However, at a young age, it is difficult to wait so long for an opportunity and be ready at any time. I'm at a loss in Florence. I made many mistakes and my response was not the best. Not only on the court, but also in the attitude towards life and career. That's how I am. When I first entered this industry, I couldn't make the best decision. I started to work hard with the psychologist Damian Salwin. I gained a bit of calmness. I learned to look at the given situation consciously and rationally instead of making decisions hastily. He began to prepare me to play again. He said this will happen sooner or later, and I must be prepared.

当然。大多数时候,我告诉我必须耐心。但是,在年轻时,很难等待这么长时间的机会并随时做好准备。我在佛罗伦萨不知所措。我犯了很多错误,但我的回应并不是最好的。不仅在球场上,而且对生活和职业的态度也是如此。我就是这样当我第一次进入这个行业时,我无法做出最好的决定。我开始与心理学家Damian Salwin一起努力。我有点平静。我学会了有意识和理性地看待给定的情况,而不是仓促地做出决定。他开始为我准备再次比赛。他说,这迟早会发生,我必须做好准备。

This loan is my last choice, I must start playing football. Thanks to the psychiatrist, I was able to show what I was looking forward to and what I had been waiting for so long. When I got the opportunity in Empoli, I proved to everyone that I did not forget how to defend myself and that I was indeed valuable. I know that I have made many mistakes in the past, but most importantly, I have learned from my mistakes. Salwin helped me out of the predicament, and he had the greatest impact on my development abroad. Thank him for making me today.


Coach Yakini is another person I am very grateful for. Today we are working together in Florence, but he sent me to Empoli in the 18/19 season. When I needed it, he extended his helping hand. In every game, I try my best to give them back. We were still fighting for relegation until the last round, but in the end we were still relegated from Serie A. The loan to Empoli gave me a second life, and it once again opened the door to the world of football.


There were many ideas in my mind at the time. The ownership of Florence has changed, the entire club and the directors have changed. Only a few people remained, including me. I decided to change hands.


It's a pity that I didn't finish last season because of a back injury. We are ranked tenth in the league. However, this is not an exciting game I can be happy about. I know I can do more and I can play better. I want to show this in the new season.


The club showed that they are connected to my future. I can only be grateful for this and continue to work hard. I have gone through a lot of pain to achieve what I am today. I remember this. In Italy, my spirit has been greatly improved. I learned how to deal with emergencies skillfully. I have had many such problems before, and my response was not the best. But I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to make any more mistakes.


Joining the national team is our goal. This is not only the honor of the players, but also the honor of the club. In Florence, they are very happy that I am developing and realizing my dream. I know what competition I face for my position in the national team. For me, participating in training camps with the players I used to see on TV is already a dream. Until recently, I respectfully called them "Mr.", and today we are called "you" together.


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